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Get ready for some serious fall bling.  Here's the stylish scoop for all Valley fashionistas, courtesy of A-list jeweler Mark Lash.

Frost yourself this fall—that’s what celebrity jeweler Mark Lash wants all lovely ladies to know.  Yes, while we’re still in summer-mode, it’s time to gear up for autumn, and in doing so, we’re talking must-buy bling for the upcoming season.

“Stock up on color…it’s very in,” said A-list accessory artist, Mark Lash.

Lash has been running his Canada-based bling biz more than 20 years, and his clientele is quite impressive.  He’s done a number of custom pieces for flashy trend-setters like Rachel Bilson, Michael Buble, Shania Twain, and Drake.  His stuff graced the red carpet at The Daytime Emmy Awards, as soap celebs like Heather Tom, Susan Flannery, and Chandler Massey flaunted his sparkling precious stones.  And Lash has also provided bling for The View’s Sherri Sheperd, Playboy’s Amy Lynn Grover, and an array of Hollywood big-wigs like producers and directors.  That’s why we sought out the talented jeweler, eager for his A-list insight into fall fads.

So…first things first—bring on the rubies, emeralds, and pearls…color is your hot ticket come the cooler months.  Lash says different colored diamonds are daringly fashionable, so you might want to consider getting your gal a yellow or pink gem to sport around town.

“We do custom pieces exceeding hundreds of thousands of dollars, but can also suit a budget-based buyer,” he said.

Oh, if only money grew on trees.

However, if you can’t afford a precious stone, you can still hop on the stylish bandwagon. 

According to Lash, you’ll want to dress up your wrist.  Feel free to rock one simple cuff, or boast a bunch of bracelets—plenty of thin ones look nice together.  Either way, this accessory is a smart investment.

“Bracelets are big.  Everyone’s wearing them.”

And get this—gold is back and better than ever.  While white gold and platinum are timeless, Lash says you should add the sexy color to your assortment of accessories.  Bold is beautiful; gold surely makes a statement.

And you’ll want to add some color to your neckline as well.