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Family travel tips. Seems like the cliché blog post for this time of year, but truth is, we could all use some help in keeping our kids happy, entertained and occupied during road trips.

The moms from Schoola reached out to me, offering valuable insight for traveling families. Thought I would share these tips with you- here’s hoping for a smooth summer getaway for you and your family.

For road tripping, a fun non-tech travelling activity is The Wrapped Presents Game. Small presents are wrapped in advance of the journey so that kids can open at certain milestones. For instance, when they drive from Seattle to their destination on the Olympic Peninsula, there will be a small gift wrapped “do not open till the ferry boat” that’ll contain a new and novel thing for the kids to play with. Then perhaps another gift once they cross the Kitsap county line. This way they look forward to each step in the journey, and perhaps even track it on the map. Another game- I Spy. The whole family can play!

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And another idea- who would have thought that dry erase markers on car windows is a great way to entertain kids?!

For parents who are OK with technology, it’s a good idea to offer iPad activities as a travel-only option. This creates a lot of excitement and novelty, distracting them from being bored on the road. You can load up on educational apps like ABC Mouse, in addition to downloading movies and TV shows. (Yes, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse IS available!) Make sure to download before you hit the road.

And here are some of my tips (learned from experience).

Snacks…pack plenty and make them accessible. In fact, I have a diaper bag dedicated to snacks only. Tip: sort the snacks in baggies before you depart. And bring an extra bag for trash.

Wipes, wipes and sanitizer! As a germophobe, I’m not a huge fan of public restrooms (who is?), so even after washing up in the bathroom, I insist on a post-wash with wipes and baby-safe sanitizers.

And finally, plan accordingly. If you know you’re going to be driving through LA from Phoenix, take into consideration rush hour time. I’m a fan of leaving early- real early- with the hope my little ones will fall asleep in the car right away. Pack the car while the kids are sleeping- less stress on you and the hubby. Wake the kids from their sweet slumber, put them in the car, and pray they sleep the majority of the trip.