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The amount of toys, supplies, clothing, parts, pieces and overall clutter that accumulates with four small children is mind-blowing. It seems like every toy has no less than 175 pieces and once the box is opened, these pieces are found scattered throughout the house. I needed to take control my family’s situation before it got out of hand. So then it began, my search for stylish kids’ storage solutions. I mean it does have to look good too!

Ikea-Transformation-Bench-Seating-Storage-Kids-Playroom copy

Image via Boys Germs

During my hunt, I came across something wonderful. Did you know that there are websites dedicated to transforming Ikea furniture into something incredible?  What? Where have I been lately and how did I not see this before? Stylish, low-cost ways to clear up the kid-clutter while simultaneously adding high-design are right up my alley.  


Bench Seating & Storage

Check out this Ikea bookcase-turned-bench with storage for the playroom from Boys Germs. This immediately creates easy playroom pickup and seating with great design. Oh and the chandelier, also from Ikea, yes please. 


Image via Boys Germs


The Campaign Dresser

Here’s a little something for the girls' room, the re-vamped Ikea Rast chest. For Chic Sake gives you a great how-to on turning this Ikea piece into a Campaign Dresser masterpiece. Holy cow, this high-style DIY project screams easy!


Image via Shop Social Society




Image via For Chic Sake


Add these Ikea Skubb boxes to each drawer and they will change your life, they certainly changed mine.


Image via Ikea