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Rachel Roland's a mom who's been scouting the web for the best gifts to give to that person - you know the one - who has absolutely everything!  They can be incredibly difficult to buy for, but these fabulous gifts should help you decide and bring a smile to their faces!  (Be sure to read up on my other gift guides - for men, women, teens & tweens, and children!


First, who doesn't love giving a gift that also gives back?  Or receiving a gift that pulls 'double duty' by giving back to a charitable organization.  The super cute and versatile messenger bag above is from Flipped Bird Designs, and it's a special limited edition print in honor of Ronan Thompson, a beautiful Arizona boy who passed away from Neuroblastoma in May, 2011.  100% of the profits from these bags, called Flippin' Givin' for Ronan, will be donated to the Ronan Thompson Foundation.  Buy one and help support a fantastic cause today.  ($24-$56) 


I'll be honest, when it comes to makeup brushes, I just don't spend the money on them - not because I don't want to, but because it seems that I always 'need' one right away and don't have time to research or wait for one to arrive after being ordered online.  Take the guesswork away from her and order a IT Cosmetics Brush (or Brushes) for her!  These ultra-luxurious and plush brushes apply foundation, concealer and blush with ease and even can help you look younger!  ($15-$58) 


Sometimes, when you're not sure what to get, money is always a good option.  Your recipient can use it for trips, shopping, and more!  Instead of the standard Visa gift card, why not try a completely customizable gift card from GiftCard.com?   For $5.95 (which can be the fee when you purchase a standard card in the store), you can upload a favorite photo of your recipients children, pets, a favorite vacation spot - anything!  You choose the balance you want and a little message and off it goes, mailed either to them or to you, if you prefer to give in person.  ($5.95 + what you choose for the balance)


Of course, it wouldn't be a gift list without a little bit of 'cheer,' would it?  Instead of the typical chardonnay or merlot, this Las Rocas Garnacha is a light bodied red wine that even 'white wine only' types would enjoy.  This also makes a great gift if you have multiple people to buy for - as the price point is great (under $15).   


Frangelico - an Italian Hazelnut Liqueur - has paired up celebrity chocolatier MarieBelle to create a beautiful and delicious gift set any chocolate lover is sure to enjoy!  Enjoy divine chocolate truffles and delightful spirits with Frangelico.  (available at fine speciality gift shops, starting at $18) 



It's the holidays, but really, champagne is always a welcome gift!  The Moet Twinkle Box is the famous champagne in a beautiful gift box - that actually will keep your gift chilled and ready to be served for up to 2 hours!  To serve the bubbly, why not also include a box (or two) of Riedel's O Champagne Glasses?  These stemless glasses are a modern and stylish take on the classic skinny champagne flute.  (The Moet Twinkle Box is available where fine wine is sold, and Riedel's O Champagne Glasses are available online, $29.50) 

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Photo courtesy Red Phoenix Photography

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