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Rachel Roland is a mom on a mission - exploring beautiful Arizona (and beyond!) with her two little companions, Jeremiah and Sarah, in search of the best restaurants, attractions, and products for you and your children. See what she has in store for your family today!


As you can imagine, shopping for teens and tweens can be challenging and, well, to be honest, intimidating.  I've found some great, fun gifts that even your 12 going on 30 tween will love!  


First, for your girl, check out the amazing Arizona-born Hipknoties.  These convertible clothing pieces will become a favorite in your teens wardrobe before it's even out of the gift box!  Wearable as a skirt, top, scarf, dress, and more, you'll be amazed at your teenagers ability to wear the same item hundreds of different ways.   ($75-$95) 


Chances are high your tween is always borrowing your (nice, expensive, highly breakable) camera to take photos or videos.  Why not indulge your little director with a Vivitar DVR 850W?  This compact and lightweight digital video recorder takes fantastic videos and is waterproof up to 5 meters!  (So it's perfect for swimming in the backyard pool or on vacation at the beach.)   ($70) 




Let's be honest - being a spy sounds pretty awesome, right?  The International Spy Museum has an incredible array of spy-themed gifts.  Kids of all ages love the Rubik's Cube Safe ($15).  Spy Lazer Chase ($24) is an interactive, fast paced game for teens to play indoors or outdoors - kids chase each other while trying to shoot each other with lasers from units on their wrists.   Of course, you try not to get shot in the process, too!  And for those teens who are  serious about becoming a spy, get them "The Real Spy's Guide to Becoming a Spy." ($17.95) 


Bath and beauty products are almost a given every holiday season for girls of all ages - so why not get your tween a bath set that was created for her?   Veritas Beauty was created for girls ages 8 and up.  Veritas, which means "True" in Latin, celebrates the beauty all girls have!  (gift set, $45) 


If there's one thing I know about teenagers, it's that they eat.  A lot.  All the time, it seems!  Why not encourage healthy eating while on the go with this Balance Bar Healthy Holiday Gift Assortment?   There are 20 of Balance Bar's most popular varieties included in this assortment, all with the 40/30/30 principle that Balance Bar was founded on (40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat) and are great for teenagers who choose candy bars over healthier options.  ($47, available online only)


"Drink your water!"  How many times have you found yourself reminding your child to drink up, especially in our dry climate?   Try adding a "Zing" to their day with this fabulous Aquazinger.   With a sleek design that can hold plain water or 'zing' water into a fruit flavored drink - without adding extra sugar!   ($25.95)

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