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The Sex Docs, a k a Drs. Cristina Bosch and John Robinson, take on a pressing question about male sexual health. 

Dear Sex Docs, 

I’m in my 30’s and having a hard time rising to the occasion in the bedroom. Sex has always been great between me and my fiancé. I didn’t really notice any difference until the holidays. We came home from a party and wanted to keep celebrating, but I couldn’t make it happen (and I wasn’t even drinking that much). It’s been like this for months and I finally had a blood test, but the results say my testosterone levels are normal. I’m completely wiped out when I get home from the office, and I can’t seem to get in the mood on the weekends either. Sex is starting to feel like work and, to be honest, I’m getting a bad performance review. 

--Asking for a Raise


Dear A.F.A.R., 

This issue hits close to home for a lot of our younger patients. When your libido is already low and erections become hard to maintain or not as full-feeling, sex just isn’t as satisfying. 

We believe sex should always be satisfying, which is why we specialize in treatment options that target a testosterone deficiency including hormone replacement therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) shots called the P Shot. Think: a surge of energy and desire, stronger erections and even increased sensitivity, girth and length. (Seriously!) These treatments involve minimally invasive procedures that work with your body to naturally enhance your libido and improve both your sexual experience and day-to-day lust for life. Dr. Robinson has lectured and researched extensively on the global decline of testosterone in men, as early as their 20’s, and we regularly treat patients experiencing issues just like yours at the Hormone Zone. 

A blood test can determine if your testosterone levels are considered abnormally low, but test labs aren’t the only clue to what’s keeping your libido down. It sounds like you’re under a lot of pressure at work, and you’re likely bringing that stress home. While physiological symptoms of low testosterone like hair loss and hot flashes are more obvious, other symptoms like exhaustion, irritability and apathy toward sex are often dismissed as a normal response to stress. But chronic stress negatively impacts your sex hormones, creating a harmful cycle. 

Men’s sexual health is more nuanced than the image we’re always seeing of a high-performance sex machine, and even Lamborghinis need a tune-up. Jumpstarting your sex drive is easy with the right comprehensive treatment. One thing we like to remind patients is that just because a sexual health issue is common doesn’t mean you have to accept it as normal. Give us a call to restore your energy, maximize your vitality and get back to business.

--The Sex Docs 


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