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Lifting weights doesn’t have to be intimidating. Studies have proven that incorporating strength training into your fitness routine is instrumental in not only seeing physical gains, but to help you lose fat, increase strength and muscle tone, and improve your bone density. Leave your fears behind and be ready to say hello to a strong and powerful form by following these five basic tips for weight lifting beginners.

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Photo: Instagram @fitnessmagazine

1. Form is most important
Forget about how much you’re able to lift and concentrate on what makes weight lifting the most effective: proper form. When lifting weights, think about using the full range of motion within your joints with a weight that is manageable and not too heavy. Having poor form can put you at risk for injury, which is not only painful but frustrating to not be able to exercise in the way that you want.

2. Balance things out
Even if your goal is to achieve sculpted arms or abs, be sure to work all of your major muscle groups, including abs, hips, legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms, while strengthening the opposing muscles, like fronts and back of the arms, in a balanced way.

3. Ramp up your reps
When you’re first starting out, learn how to first get comfortable with the weights and build endurance before worrying about how many reps you can fit in. After you feel more secure in the movement, build upon heavier weights with shorter reps to achieve the maximum results. 

4. Grab a friend
Bring a friend along to the gym as a support buddy as well as a spotter to help you lift.

5. Rest
Recovery time is just as important as putting in work weight lifting. Avoid fatigue by mixing it up and not exercising the same muscles two days in a row.