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Stress, anxiety and other issues can get in the way of our intimate connections. Luckily, the valley’s own Sex Docs, Drs. Cristina Bosch and John Robinson, have the cure. Oxytocin, aka the Love Hormone, is a powerful tool. It’s your body’s way of naturally boosting everything from feelings of optimism and well-being to your expressions of affection and social interactions. Get to know your oxytocin levels with these tips from the Sex Docs.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

If the phrase “love at first sight” has you rolling your eyes, look at it this way: gazing into your partner’s eyes can actually strengthen your bond by boosting the Love Hormone. “Oxytocin affects the way we see the world,” says Dr. Robinson. Ever wonder why intimate moments get even hotter when we catch a glimpse from our partner? Thank oxytocin for working overtime to strengthen not only our attraction to our partner, but our feelings of love and trust.

Let’s Get Physical

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but physical touch fires up the Love Hormone and engages those other organs necessary to make love. “Oxytocin increases libido, it increases orgasms and it increases erections,” says Dr. Robinson. The Love Hormone even enhances fidelity, modulating our emotional responses and strengthening connections between you and your beau.

Stay Connected

Sexual intimacy isn’t the only bond strengthened by the Love Hormone. Fast-forward nine months and oxytocin is right there in the delivery room,naturally aiding in laborand establishing the mother-child connection. “Oxytocin helps us bond not just with our children, but in all relationships and social situations,” says Dr. Bosch. “New research demonstrates that oxytocin enhances brain centers responsible for social cognition and processing.”

Take the Edge Off

Another benefit of this feel-good hormone is, well, feeling good. A boost of this powerful hormone can ease a range of experiences including: chronic pain, anxiety, post-partum depression, fibromyalgia, autism and post-traumatic stress disorder. “The word trauma means, literally, ‘to break.’ Oxytocin does the bonding,” explains Dr. Bosch. “Physiologically, oxytocin allows soft tissue to relax and unwind, relieving pain and tension.”

At The Hormone Zone, each patient’s treatment is comprehensive—and oxytocin can often enhance the positive benefits of hormonal therapy. “When you’re considering your health holistically, evaluating all the hormonal imbalances that may exist, oxytocin can be that little bit of icing on the cake,” says Dr. Bosch. Oxytocin is an easy, noninvasive and economical treatment. Go ahead, fall in love with the Love Hormone.

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