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Meditation has become a practice available to all that can help to reduce anxiety, stress, increase mood and memory, while promoting lifelong happiness. Benefits of meditation can be almost immediate—and last a lifetime. The newest mediation studio opening in the Valley, Current Meditation, was founded by two Scottsdale-based families with one mission: to create a meditation space that is accessible, authentic, and would bring the practice of meditation to a wider audience so that they live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. The Weisman family and the Brovitz family became inspired to launch Current Meditation after discovering that they each had a different experience with meditation; however, the one thing they had in common was difficulty accessing and keeping consistent with their meditation practice. Their inconsistent experiences moved them to create a concept that was warm and welcoming to demystify the practice, and that was consistent and convenient to simplify building a steady meditation routine in the busy modern world.

We teamed up with Jennifer Martin, the instructor of Current Mediation to bring you some advice on how to meditate.