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For years, Olivia Newton John and her husband, “Amazon” John Easterling, have been advocates for universal health and wellness. The couple visited the Valley recently to debut the opening TriVita Wellness Center, a new state-of-the-art facility  in Scottsdale. TriVita Wellness Center takes a new approach to the practice of healing and self improvement, by helping people identify their strengths and discover ways to improve physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Newton John’s journey to wellness became important while battling breast cancer. Health became a top priority in her daily life. By including western acupuncture, a variety of herbs and practicing spiritualty, she was able to overcome the cancer and share her message of spiritual, emotional and physical recovery.

Swiftly escaping a near-death experience in the Amazon, Easterling knew then he needed to focus on his own personal wellness and health. The search for indigenous herbs and amazon botanicals became a prime business focus in his life. Today, Amazon herbs are available at TriVita Wellness Center to promote healthy, sustainable living.

TriVita Wellness Center is vastly different from other health-focused programs. “It’s not an emergency room. It helps people define their purpose in the world by focusing on wellness,” Newton John says. Patients chose to visit TriVita Wellness Center in order to gain access to the help that they need to ensure a balanced and healthy lifestyle. At the entrance, there is a sign that reads “Why are you here?”; patients are encouraged to find the answer to that question on their path to a healthier life.

Tools for success include fitness activities, coordination of medical care, nutrition counseling, thermography testing and emotional wellness and stress management counseling. The professionals at TriVita Wellness Center operate on a four-step process including assessment, education, coaching and reassessment. Patients of the wellness center will also be assigned a health coach for guidance on the journey to health.

Friends and family can be very hard to influence when it comes to swapping an unhealthy lifestyle for a healthier one. “They are usually the last ones to listen—they have to find it themselves,” Newton John says.

TriVita Wellness Center opened its Scottsdale doors in January and continues to serve the Valley with the utmost priority of health and wellness.