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Navigating Your Breast Health

Early detection is key in the battle against breast cancer, the most common form of cancer among women in the United States. If detected early, the five-year breast cancer survival rate is 98 percent. Likewise, the American Cancer Society and others recommend annual screening mammograms beginning at age 40, earlier depending on your own family medical history.     
Scottsdale Medical Imaging (SMIL) recognizes that the breast screening process and possible subsequent screenings and medical appointments can create a sense of uncertainty, confusion and even fear for some women.  By addressing both the art and science of breast health care, SMIL’s team of certified Breast Patient Navigators are redefining women’s breast imaging experiences by providing a personal connection offering caring and knowledgeable support, resources and guidance dedicated to helping women in their journey to breast health.
Available to women at all stages of breast care, SMIL’s Breast Patient Navigators are available if you have a concern about a routine screening, a diagnostic procedure or a cancer diagnosis. Working in partnership with your physician, they can facilitate scheduling appointments for imaging and follow-up, explain and clarify testing and results, and serve as a link to connect you with the
appropriate resources.     
Once a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, her world is often turned upside down and life becomes a scary, emotional and confusing time. SMIL’s Breast Patient Navigators are experienced registered nurses with an in-depth knowledge of and experience with the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. “Our breast navigator program exists to support, educate and empower women throughout their breast care journey,” says LuAnn Roberson, RN and SMIL certified Breast Patient Navigator. “SMIL is the only facility in the state that has nurse navigators at the imaging stage of care.”

To Learn More
Scottsdale Medical Imaging’s Certified Breast Patient Navigator Team includes registered nurses Pam Janosik, Liz Munger
and LuAnn Roberson. To schedule your mammogram screening, call 480.425.5000. www.getamammo.com.