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One silver lining that came out of the year 2020 was people's genuine commitment to self-love. It seems like it took a pandemic for people to realize and admit that self-love wasn't selfish but necessary. A big part of self-love is, of course, taking care of the bodies that do so much for us. Hopefully, at this point, you have a set of things or routines you're doing to keep your immune system and body in peak condition, but if you don't or you want to add more to your arsenal, keep reading for a list of things we all should be doing in 2021 and beyond. 

Serious Skincare

Sure, we all know that the skin is our body's largest organ and that we all want blemish, wrinkle-free healthy skin. But not all of us know how to go about achieving or maintaining this. The reality is, you really should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist so they can go over all your skin issues with you. You may need prescriptions, and you may not. Many drugstores or makeup stores carry things that can work just as well for your skin as your dermatologist has and at a fraction of the cost. You need to develop a routine of products that target the particular issues that your skin has. If you faithfully stick to your routine each morning and night, you will eventually see results that are easy to maintain if you don't start slacking. And say it with me - I will remove all makeup every night before I go to sleep. 

Stay on the Move

It's no secret that physical exercise is beneficial for our bodily health and mental and emotional health. One great thing about the lockdowns of 2020 is people starting going on neighborhood walks again or exploring trails and parks in their area. People in more urban environments took to the internet to immerse themselves in ways of working out at home. Whatever the reason we all jumped on that train, the important thing is to stay at it. Not only does this keep our immune system in top working order, but it also keeps our mindsets more open and positive. So, make sure to stay on the move. 

Sleep In

The beautiful thing about working from home (if you were able) was a little more flexibility in your workday. Some of us may have even taken to sleeping in a couple of days a week. However, you are able to get a minimum of 7 to 8 hours a night of restful sleep; make sure you do it. Getting a healthy amount of sleep is easier to do when you commit to turning off all screens at least one hour before bed and limit caffeine and alcohol (the elimination of both has other health benefits beyond sleep as well). Being able to get to bed early enough that waking up around  5:00 or 6:00 am has even more of a boost in your health as waking up that early increases productivity and mindfulness by setting the tone for the day as you want.

Munching Mindfully

You are what you eat, or so they say. Or maybe you prefer "Pay the farmer now or the doctor later." Either way, it's critical that you honor your body with foods it will recognize and actually nourish it. This is easiest to do by eating a whole foods plant-based diet or minimizing the amount of meat and dairy you consume. It's never a bad idea to supplement your diet with essential vitamins that our bodies need to run most efficiently either. Of course, you always want to check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your routine, as some may interact with medicines you may already be taking. 

 Really Reconnect

Fortunately for everyone, we were able to stay connected this last year virtually or sometimes meeting outdoors. But, now, the world is more of our oyster. Take this time to reconnect physically with one another. Hug often, shake hands again. Remind yourself that we are all part of this beautiful human race and we not only crave but need interaction with one another. If you're lucky enough to travel anytime soon, immerse yourself in the culture of the places you're visiting and don't take our beautiful world and the people with it for granted. 

Here's to you and your health!