The Greatest Gift is Self-Love by Carolyn Wellington

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Valentine’s Day is upon us, where we share the love for one another. My biggest question is, where is the love for yourself?

There is no other person in this world like you. You are unique; you deserve to be loved, not just by other people, but by yourself. If you do not put yourself at the top of the list, no one else will. So, this Valentine’s Day prioritize yourself with the love you truly deserve.

Self-love is about connecting with your inner being, pushing through the challenges of life, learning to love and appreciate who you are. Being a priority is not about being selfish, egotistical, or superior, it is about who you stand for, what is important, your values, standards, and beliefs.

When you put yourself first, it means you are making the decision to make yourself and your well-being a priority. You are choosing to live by your values, your boundaries, acknowledging your needs, wants, and desires; living your life, not anyone else’s.

You are choosing to give yourself the attention needed to help you grow, flourish and excel, driving forward to become the best version of YOU! Dig deep into your core, seeking the person screaming to be released. Ladies, this is your inner Queen, gentlemen your inner King.

It is time to stand tall, be proud, let the world know you are here to stay, A real power of self-belief.

Where do you start? 

The first step is always the hardest, however with discipline, consistency, drive, and determination, anything is achievable. It may not be easy but focusing on who you are is key to your success. One of the first things I say to clients is to take your time working out who you are and what you deserve in life. 

Grab a notebook and write: 

  1. Your current feelings and emotions.
  2. What do you feel is blocking your path moving forward? 
  3. What makes you angry, and how do you think you could combat it? 
  4. What would you change if you could and what would it bring to your life? 
  5. Why now?

Take a few days to reassess everything you have written down, make changes if necessary. A new day brings new thoughts and different feelings, that is why when I work with a client, we take our time. It has taken several years to get to this stage of your life, give it time with plenty of thought to what needs to change and why.

Family and friends.

Who is in your life; what role do they play?

Do friends and family members, enhance your life or put you down, stopping you from moving on? Do they support what you say, what you do?  Having a good support network is an important element to your growth. 

Surround yourself with positive people and dispose of the toxic ones. Toxic people never enhance your life, only drag you down, whereas positive people are uplifting, improving life thoughts, encouraging, generally great for making you feel better about yourself.

Stop being vulnerable.

Embrace who you are. Accept your imperfections, your uniqueness, no need to act or look like someone else. Appreciate the wonderful person you are, and let everyone else see your glory, stop hiding behind the mask of others, step forward, reveal yourself and be proud. Stop being vulnerable, speak out, you have a lot to say. Show your worth.

Feel good about yourself. 

Feeling good about yourself helps to develop your inner confidence and raise your self-esteem. Search for those qualities and skills that make you feel on top of the world, use them to reveal the real you. Feeling good about yourself helps create positive energy, relieving the stress and tension of everyday life.

Create a more positive you:

  • Recognize your unique skills and qualities. We all have them; time to find yours.
  • Take control of your life. Know who you are, who you want to be, what is important to you, and where you are going.
  • Action, taking steps to improve your lifestyle, and loving yourself. It is your time to shine.
  • Learn to be your own best friend. Trust in yourself.
  • Visualize and imagine that person you know you can be and deserve to be. No looking back!

Care as much for yourself as you do for others.

How do you treat your children or best friend? How much effort do you put into making sure they are okay? Think about the compromises you make when they call out for you, the time spent caring, understanding their needs. Now start doing that for yourself, giving yourself time, put effort into your wants and needs. It is never selfish to care about yourself. 

Remember, to give to others you need to be able to give to yourself first. Prioritize !

Start your journey of self-love:

  • Do what you need to do to be you!
  • Create boundaries for everyone. Do not let people take advantage of who you are.
  • Learn to say no to things that do not enhance your life.
  • Make decisions that add value and quality to the way you live.
  • Do not allow others to create drama. Shut it out!
  • Spend time pampering yourself, you deserve it.
  • Eat healthily, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, sleep well.
  • Remember, it is okay not to be okay. Express how you feel to people who care about you.
  • Take control of life, do not let life take control of you.
  • Make sure you do one positive thing daily.
  • Wake up, make your bed and be grateful for life.
  • Sing, dance, pray, do whatever gives you that feel-good factor.

There is no better time to start caring and loving yourself. Carolyn has helped many people in so many areas, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, stage, dance, and television, and is available to help and support your journey.

Carolyn is ready to listen, drop an email to  

The best Valentine’s day gift you can give to yourself is the love you truly deserve. 

Happy Valentine’s Day See the source image

  1. I loved this article so much as I am sure alot of others will to. Alot said in this I can relate to, if you don’t put yourself first or even love yourself then how do you expect others to. So start loving and start believing in you. Carolyn will always be there to help and guide you through. X

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