Home Features Health Gyms May Be Closed Again, but The American Council on Exercise Gives At-Home Exercises for Everyone

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Most cities are no longer under hard lockdown restrictions, and gyms have begun reopening to allow fitness-deprived members through their doors. At the same time, the spike in COVID-19 cases nationwide is something many of these same people are leery of.

So, what’s the best course of action for those who want to work out while staying in? Click the links below from The American Council on Exercise (ACE) for a few recommendations:

And for movers wanting to step up their fitness game, ACE released its newest Integrated Fitness Training this week. It’s employed by trainers to build practices backed by scientific evidence, so no matter what one’s goals are, their training routine is customized for them specifically. Quarantine doesn’t mean your workout game has to plateau; with this model, it’s actually quite the opposite.