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For many couples, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate the love they share. It can also be a painful reminder that love is not the only requirement for creating a child; fertility issues can stand in the way of their dream of building a family. This Valentine’s Day, the best gift for those wanting to conceive a child is finding a solution to increase their chances of having a child without needing invasive fertility treatments.

Commit to a Healthier Lifestyle

Couples seeking to conceive should start by nurturing their own bodies together. Optimal fertility can be obtained by helping each other become healthier. Overall wellness through a healthy diet, reduced stress and limiting alcohol intake can help improve fertility and the chance of conceiving.

Hormonal Balance and Fertility

In some cases, difficulty conceiving can be remedied with regulation of hormonal balance. Both men and women can suffer from hormonal issues that can make conceiving more difficult. Comprehensive lab testing can reveal imbalances that can be addressed through hormone therapy or medications, helping improve fertility.

For men, certain imbalances can affect sperm health and quantity. For women, high levels of androgens and other hormones can impact ovulation and fertility. Simple treatments with hormonal therapy or changes in medications can improve the chance of conceiving naturally. Creating hormonal balance and improving the reproductive system can often be what is needed for couples to finally begin their new family.

For couples hoping to open their hearts to a new child in the near future, overall wellness may be the solution to some fertility issues. As a gift to themselves this Valentine’s Day, couples can improve the chances of conception with a healthy diet, stress relief and hormonal balance. Those factors, along with lots of love, can be the keys to improving fertility and conception success. --Sarah Quinn, Nurse Practioner & Founder, Arcadia Wellness Center