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You’ve seen your friends affixed to IVs on social media after a long night on the town or to prep for a busy weekend ahead. Though it seems like this form of nutritional therapy is newfangled, it has actually been helping keep people healthy for decades. The Hormone Zone’s Drs. Cristina Bosch and John A. Robinson, a k a The Sex Docs, get to the point of this time-honored tradition.

After being used in medicine for decades, nutritional IV therapy has become much more commonplace around the Valley and beyond. “People are becoming more and more savvy and willing to optimize their health in a natural way, and IV nutrition is one great and convenient way to do that,” says Dr. John Robinson.

Doctors, like the pros at the Hormone Zone, utilize IV nutrition to treat fatigue, immune problems, neurological conditions, gastrointestinal problems and much more. And as we exit the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, IV nutrition proves to be a great way to combat stress. “Your body rapidly utilizes vitamins and nutrients during stressful periods, depleting your body and making it even harder to cope with stress,” Dr. Cristina Bosch says. “If you are looking for a super-charge to get you through the end of the holiday season, a nutritional IV is the way to go.”

But who is a good candidate for IV nutrition? According to Drs. Bosch and Robinson, almost anyone can benefit from this type of therapy. (Those with kidney disease need to be more closely monitored when receiving IV nutrition, and a screening for optimal kidney function is important pre-therapy.) Depending on the reason for the therapy, patients may be on a course of weekly IVs for four to eight weeks; as regular maintenance, patients visit the Hormone Zone monthly, or even weekly, for IV therapy.  

Though the dangers and side effects of nutritional IVs are minimal (few people report nausea from the therapy), it is a must that an IV clinic has a medical director, at the very least, or a registered nurse to administer the IV. “However, if you are looking to utilize IV nutritional therapy as part of an overall protocol regarding a condition you may have, you need to be under the close supervision and guidance of a doctor or healthcare practitioner who understands your case and the nuances of the IV therapy,” says Dr. Robinson.

The Hormone Zone’s IV Nutritional Therapy Menu

The Executive: Your introductory nutritional cocktail to keep your metabolism and hormones optimally supported

Triple B—Beauty, Brains and Bowels, Oh My: Stimulates brain function, smooths and brightens skin, and promotes healthy digestion

Immunity Boost: Centered around vitamin C replacement for immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits

Over Achiever: Boost of amino acids for full athletic and performance recovery

Power Detox: Assists in liver detoxification and aiding in weight loss

To schedule your IV therapy with the Hormone Zone, visit hormone-zone.com.