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Ask the Expert: Concussions and Children

Q: My son banged his head hard when he was tackled during a football game and said he had a headache, was dizzy, and sick. He thought it was just “getting his bell rung” and that he could shake off the injury to finish the game. He finished the game, but afterwards his headache and dizziness got worse.  He couldn’t concentrate in school the next day. Should we take him to the doctor?



JCL's Miracles: Trauma Patient Connects with the Perfect Medical Superspecialist

Sean Moore was having the worst day of his young life when Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon Laura Prokuski, MD, met him. And that’s saying a lot, because his “worst-day” title had serious competition.


Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Although the holidays bring joyous gatherings and special celebrations, they can also have a downside: extra poundage. Here are a few tips from Gold’s Gym Manager of Trainers Jake Crotty to help prevent adding on spare pounds this Christmas season.



Ask the Expert: Minimally Invasive Surgery and Children

Q: What are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery for children?



Peterson Architecture Lights Up Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Peterson Architecture is lighting up the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in more ways than one this holiday season! A long-time supporter of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Peterson Architecture is continuing the tradition this year and leading an incredible tree-decorating initiative during an exclusive event celebrating the completion of Phase one of the new Phoenix Children’s Hospital. This event will serve as a sneak-peek viewing of the brand new tower, which is scheduled to open January of 2011.

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