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Corn Dip, Bean Dip, Veggie Dip, Oh My!

Tailgating food is half the fun of going to the game. When looking at what to make or buy, keep it simple! Dips and tortilla chips with guac are always a staple. Cheese and crackers, cold -fried chicken (pre-bought, saves you so much time), veggies and ranch dressing, pretzels and maybe some honey mustard dipping sauce if you’re feeling fancy, or even assorted cookies are a great, easy go-to eats. Don’t waste time on a complicated, multi-step dish. Save that for the holiday party.

If you’re in the company of those of-age, cold beers are always welcomed.

SOS, Where to Tailgate?

One of the best places to tailgate is the Sparky touchdown tailgate pregame event. This takes place three hours before home games and will let you show off your backyard games skills at Jenga, Connect Four and mini golf. The tailgate is walking distance to the new stadium so park once and join the fun (on College Avenue, between Sixth and Seventh Streets.) There are also parking lot tailgates lining the stadium for something a little smaller.

Maroon and Gold, Anyone?

As far as attire goes, that’s all you need to know: maroon and gold! Accessories are a must - beads, tattoos, foam fingers, face-paint, whatever your inner college student desires. If you’re being dragged to a game against your will, at least rock some Sparky socks. There are multiple college apparel and accessories stores located near the stadium so no excuses for not being appropriately outfitted.