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One of Arizona's longest-running haunted houses, The Crypt, The Asylum and The Chaos Maze (CarnEVIL) is now open, with all new scares to torment those who dare enter. 

The Crypt is the first haunted attraction that’s filled with ghouls, ghosts and the departed that are just waiting for you to join them in the dance of the dead. If you dare go deeper, you’ll find yourself at The Asylum, where you’ll meet Dr. Vantas test experiment patients, who might make you test experiments of their own. The deepest you can go in The Crypt is The Chaos Maze, where limbs and lives mean nothing to the inhabitants of the maze. How deep can you go…and make it out alive?

The attraction was voted “BEST OF THE VALLEY 2018” by AZFoothills.com and as “ONE OF THE SCARIEST HAUNTS IN AMERICA” on Scaryoverload.com. 

The Crypt, The Asylum and The Chaos Maze (CarnEVIL) is conveniently located just off the US 60 and Alma School in the Fiesta Mall parking lot at 1445 W. Southern Ave.

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