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Valspar Paint has just revealed three new color palettes for 2013 inspired by new and developing trends in technology, culture and nature: Simple Delights, Gathered Stories and Electro Noir. 

Valspar's Color Strategist, Sue Kim, says color has the ability to transfer the home, and wants consumers to use these color trends to incorporate them into their lives. "Valspar’s 2013 color trends were developed to embody the theme of inviting happiness, authenticity and connectivity into the home," Kim says.

Each color trend offers suggestions that illuminate these emerging trends:


Electro Noir


Technology-inspired, these clean, digital colors including saturated and bold tones arouse the sense of connectivity and movement; they heighten your senses to a new dimension.


Simple Delights


This palette plays on the pursuit of happiness within a home, filled with playful and light-hearted hues including pastels and soft, sophisticated shades. Create delightful and optimistic feeling and refresh the spirit with this color trend.


Gathered Stories


With a growing popularity in authenticity, handmade items with heritage and nostalgia, this palette creates the ultimate sentimental atmosphere and identity with warm and comforting colors. These aged colors add an artisan touch and will compliment household memorabilia.


Kim suggests when incorporating a color palette into a home, the smart thing to do is select a palette of three colors, including a main color with two coordinating hues to use on accent and transition spaces. If trying bold new colors seems nerve racking, select a color like Valspar Iris Moon from the Electro Noir and apply it to a personal area — like a small bathroom or closet — to get used to the look. Don't worry, Valspar offers a complimentary replacement for unsatisfied customers.

When incorporating these Valspar trend colors into a home, the look will feel more completed by updating the room with decor accents that compliment the color selection. "Upholstered sofas, carpets and tabletop items don’t need to match exactly, but the key is to make sure the color schemes and designs do not compete with the paint color," Kim says.