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Miraval Resort & Spa
We’re pretty confident that Oprah has been pampered at some of the world’s top spas. However, it is Arizona’s very own Miraval, located in Tucson, that tops her list of favorite spas. Nestled at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains in the southern part of the state, the award-winning spa offers its guests rest and relaxation in a gorgeous desert oasis (which is best enjoyed via Miraval’s alfresco treatment rooms, each designed by notable designer, Clodagh). As an all-inclusive destination spa, treatments—or Chill Out services, as they are referred to at Miraval—aren’t the only draw. Healthful, locally sourced fare; luxe accommodations; and activities that are designed to boost one’s heart rate and sense of well-being are all on the agenda. When it does come time to let your hair down and turn your senses up, the transcending Spirit Flight is among the spa’s signature Chill Out services. During the Spirit Flight, which is designed to renew the body’s energy and balance, guests are indulged in a massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and spinal alignment as well as the healthy practices of spiritual shamanism and drumming.