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What’s better than hopping in the car or aboard a plane for a short trip and ending up in paradise? Here’s a look at five spa destinations in the Southwest where massages aren’t simply ahh-inducing rubdowns but Spirit Flights and sage salt and red-earth clay are just as important as nail polish during a pedicure.


Aman Spa at Amangiri
Located at the Four Corners—where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all meet—there is a 600-acre desert escape: Amangiri. Not only is Amangiri home to deluxe accommodations and a plush pavilion complete with a gallery and library, but within the resort resides Aman Spa. Among the standout features at Aman Spa are the water pavilion and its spa journeys that are designed to help spa goers achieve the utmost in relaxation, reconnect with the environment and become more aware of their bodies. At the stone-lined step pool in the Water Pavilion, guests are swept away in hydrotherapy treatments. The aforementioned spa journeys (there are four to choose from) are designed around sacred elements, reflecting Navajo healing traditions and holistic techniques. The morning treatment, or the Dawn Journey, energizes the guest and commences with a Himalayan crystal salt body scrub, followed by a full-body massage. Lastly, the acupressure facial massage helps to increase focus and energize the mind.