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Guest post by Kimberly Vermillion of Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA

We can all visualize New Year’s Eve celebrations. The pop of champagne bottles, fun hats, streamers, poppers, and cheers for 2023. But, while humans love a party to ring in the new year, pets are less than thrilled about the excessive noise and fireworks.


After the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve is the second-biggest day for pet disappearances in America. Millions of pets run away every year, but with proper safety measures, this can be avoided.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League—the largest and oldest no-kill shelter in Arizona—has several tips to prepare for New Year’s to keep your pets safe. 

Update Their ID & Microchip

Make sure to double check that your information on your pet’s ID tag and microchip is up to date in case they get separated from you.

Microchipping can be intimidating to some pet owners, but it is safe, quick, and very effective. Microchips are inserted by a veterinarian with a needle, embedding the chip under the pet's skin. When scanned, the chip reads a unique number that you will be able to register your pet to you! When someone scans the microchip, they will be able to call the microchip company, give them the microchip number, and the company will then reach out to you about your pet. No personal information is given to anyone without your permission!

If your pet isn’t microchipped, it’s a very quick procedure that takes less than 30 seconds and will last the lifetime of the animal. The procedure is virtually painless for your pet and can be accomplished through a quick visit with your vet.

Keep Them Secure

Loud noises may spook your pets and they’ll look for any way they can to escape. Before New Year’s Eve, check some important home details. 

Is the doggie door closed? Is the backyard gate locked and secure? Can the cat get out of the home and over the fence? Be sure to check your home beforehand and be sure your pet is wearing a collar with your contact information for identification.

Minimize Noise

The loud noise is what spooks so many pets to run away and get lost during the holiday celebration. To minimize the sound of fireworks, pet owners can utilize white noise like a fan or white noise machine. A TV or radio can also drown out the sound of fireworks and loud party poppers. YouTube carries videos specifically designed for dogs that include soothing sounds and songs, but pet owners should choose what their pet prefers to listen to. 

Settle In

Ultimately, you know your pet best and what stresses them out. Regardless, it’s best to have pets settle in for New Year’s Eve instead of out for a late-night walk where they might experience an unknown trigger. Provide exercise to your pets before nighttime, and a safe cozy space away from noise.

Shelters across the county see a drastic increase in lost cats and dogs after the new year. However, by taking these precautions, pet owners across Arizona can ensure pet safety and limit the burden to local shelters. 

For resources and more information, please visit the Arizona Animal Welfare League at aawl.org.