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Life inevitably is always throwing us curveballs, isn't it? Whether we're working full time, parents, living the single life, in between jobs - it doesn't matter; life can get at you sometimes. And, in those moments, it's easy to feel a sense of overwhelm that makes even the toughest of us feel like they're struggling. The good news is that as much as this modern era can make us feel out of control sometimes, it can also put us in control just as quickly. So, if you're going through the tough stuff right now, have a case of the Sunday Scaries, or have just come out on the other side - keep this list of ways to save your sanity the easy way. 

Learn To Say No 

If you're like a lot of people, you overextend yourself by trying to make everyone else around you happy or more comfortable. Learn the power of saying no. You don't have to be on every board of an organization you're involved in, and you don't have to say yes to taking on other people's workloads when you've got your own work to do. While there is virtue in being generous and helpful, there's also a point where you burn out. Set healthy boundaries with everyone in your life - especially those not in your immediate circle. Your peace of mind and stress levels will thank you for it. 

Utilize Time-Savers 

What are time savers? Time-savers are things like subscription services that are available for just about anything nowadays. Cat lover? Consider purchasing from a cat litter delivery service. Busy running a household? Choose from one of the many grocery delivery services available. Even if it's just the love of wine but not feeling like going to your local wine shop, you can subscribe to have wine delivered as often as you like. Some people may be put off by the initial enrollment fees for these services, but they quickly pay for themselves when you think of the value of your own time and sanity. So, utilize time-saving services when and where you can. 

Eat This, Not That 

We all know what healthy eating is supposed to look like, yet many of us, especially when feeling overwhelmed by life's responsibilities, turn to more convenient, quicker food choices. Unfortunately, these foods are generally overprocessed, sugary, and full of additives that aren't healthy for the human body. It would be best if you considered committing to only eating nutritious food. If you feel pressed for time, meal prepping, though it takes time, it's only one day a week. By doing meal prep, you know that you have healthy food options you can count on for the remainder of the week. Suppose you don't know where to begin on your health journey, different research lifestyles, and find one that appeals to you. Whether you end up going plant-based or keto, the choice is yours, but limit your processed food intake. Doing this will also benefit your emotional and mental health as well.

Take Time For Yourself 

If you have children or are working extensive hours, this one can feel tricky at times. But, it proves to take time for yourself to reset your mind and body. What you decide to do with your time is, well, entirely up to you! Some people might decide to go in for a relaxing spa treatment, and others might zone out with some knitting projects or on Netflix. But, it's essential to take this alone time to stay in touch with yourself and your needs and then honor them. 

Get Your Body Moving 

It's a proven scientific fact that physical exercise reduces stress. So it's a must when it comes to saving your sanity! The critical thing when it comes to exercise is making it a daily habit. The easiest way to do this is by choosing a type of exercise you enjoy so you'll be more likely to stick with it long term. If you haven't found a style you enjoy yet, start with low-impact exercises like swimming or pilates. If you want to feel more confident and strong, strength training has become a popular way to lose weight and feel amazing about yourself in the last few years. Whichever direction you decide on, stick with it, and you'll quickly see how much better you're feeling. 

Rarely are lists of any kind all-inclusive, and this one is no exception. You are an individual, and there may be other things that you can add to this list to personalize it in a way that maximizes the peace of mind you get. But, these are excellent jumping-off points and healthy or time-saving habits we can all easily adopt to feel like we've gained some control back. So, here's to your health and lowering life's stress!