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Everyone knows the feeling: the excessive dilly-dallying followed by sudden pangs of fear. This feeling often stems from the most anxiety-ridden day of the week, Sunday. Relatable? Well, you probably have a case of the “Sunday Scaries.” Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. Luckily there are numerous cures for the so-called scaries. We chatted with Karen Stafford, the Arizona president of the Employers Council, to discover her weekly coping mechanisms.

Stafford explained that the best way to tackle your scaries is by preparing ahead of time. She recommends a basic briefing every Friday, which begins with creating a small to-do list. This time-saving tip acts as a gentle reminder of what needs to be done and when. 

Next, Stafford suggests that we all find and meditate on our very own “theme” song. Something motivational to start the day, accompanied by breakfast and a latte perhaps. 

Still feeling the effects of the scaries? There are a few more simple steps to keep in mind that Stafford swears by. In any given stressful situation, ask yourself this: “What are my options?” or “Are the ‘facts’ of the situation real?” Stafford also proposes that you imagine the worst-case scenario to enhance perspective. How about considering how exactly you can turn the situation around or reassessing your attitude? These undervalued self-evaluations presented by Stafford are often times all we really need. Sunday smileys are the new Sunday scaries.