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While sipping the refreshing taste of Neighborhood Initiatives bottled water, you are also helping your local community. For every Neighborhood Initiatives water bottle purchased, Neighborhood Initiatives will donate to a local cause.

Neighborhood Initiatives was founded in 2016, with a plan to buy local, give local. Restaurants partner with Neighborhood Initiatives and sell retail bottled water. When the water bottles are purchased a portion of the proceeds are donated and invested to a nonprofit or community organization which is decided by the company, employees and local patron.  

The company Neighborhood Initiatives partners with companies from around the Valley. Some of their partners include Chloe’s Corner, La Grande Orange, Original Chop Shop, The Henry, Olive & Ivy, Chestnut, Flower Child, Juby True and Shamrock Foods. The partnered companies are in cities including Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix.

The first restaurant to partner with Neighborhood Initiatives was the Original Chop Shop. Using three Valley-wide locations, the partnership was able to raise $2,000 from bottle water sales. The $2,000 was then presented to the Maricopa County Food System Coalition, the first beneficiary of Neighborhood Initiatives. The president of Green on Purpose and a board officer of the Coalition, Paris Masek said, with the money donated the Maricopa County Food System will raise awareness about food system functions throughout the county.

The local entrepreneur, Aaron Klusman, is committed to investing and working in Phoenix neighborhoods and making a difference in the community. Neighborhood Initiatives is focused on having the opportunity to change lives and communities across Arizona. Neighborhood Initiatives future goals are to expand and to become a regional and a national company.

Those who want to become more involved may go online to neighborhoodinitatives.com, or they can follow Neighborhood Initiatives on Instagram @neighborhood initiatives. Interested businesses may also submit their contact information on the Web site.