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Q&A with Brophy College Prep Vice President Adria Renke

A can't-miss fall event and tremendously successful revenue generator for premier school Brophy College Prep, the annual Brophy Fashion Show Luncheon will be held November 3, 2010 at the Camelback Inn in Paradise Valley. The event draws up to 1,400 guests each year, who enjoy a beautiful lunch, Saks Fifth Avenue fashion show, raffle prizes and- the...


Strides For Life Lung Cancer Run

On April 11, Tempe will do its part to fight one of the biggest killers in the country: lung cancer.



Rocking Chairs - Valley Chairmen and Chairwomen

Ever wonder what it takes to throw an elaborate bash like Beach Ball, Drive the Dream, Heart Ball, Suns and Stars, Oscar Night America and Hope Ball? Well, we’ve invited Arizona’s best and brightest chairmen and chairwomen (who have raised insurmountable sums for Valley organizations this year) to share their behind-the-scenes tips on what it takes to put on such an in-depth soiree and how you can incorporate their advice in your own springtime fetes.

Beach Ball


32nd Annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival

The 32nd Annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival will bring the finest in epicurean delights to the Valley this month. What many may not realize is that this long-standing Scottsdale tradition also raises thousands of dollars for local arts organizations.


Arizona Humane Society's Compassion for Fashion

Your eyes meet across the room, immediately sparks fly. Maybe it’s the ambiance of the evening, the music…something is new and exciting about it. You look away, torn by what to do, do you approach her? Your heart flutters with anticipation as you think of the possibility of taking her home to meet your family, to live with you and have a happily ever after. That’s when you know the time is right, you move quickly as to not miss the opportunity – you know you’re the one, the one to make her dreams come true, the one to…make her tail wag!

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