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New Year’s Cocktail Recipes

Bid adieu to 2010 and welcome 2011 with a festive cocktail (featuring the holiday season’s most sophisticated sip—bubbly) in hand this New Year’s Eve.

Pom-fizzPomegranate Fizz


Slow Cow- Relaxation Station

The United States is about to chill out, big time.

For nervous Nellies like me, a big ol' energy drink is the last thing we want to introduce into our stressful, fear-driven lives. Besides the disturbing thought of ingesting something the color of highlighter fluid, these drinks pump you full of god-knows-what, and leave you crashing and burning with heart palpitations.

Slow Cow is an unbelievable new relaxation drink, and is being introduced to America late this summer from the Canada-based company. I was lucky enough to get a sneak-peek and taste test, and with the exception of bubbly, I've never felt so fabulous upon sipping a drink. Especially a non-alcoholic drink.


Wine Accessories

Wine is often thought of as an experience rather than a beverage. The following trinkets of the vino variety enhance the feelings associated with each spring sip.

Vinturi Tower


Spring Drink Advice and Recipes

Drinks are the centerpiece of just about any celebration - revelers toast with Champagne on New Year’s Eve and rarely is a summer barbecue complete without a brew in hand. To help in choosing which wines to chill and cocktails to mix up for your spring soirees, AFM asked a few of our favorite beverage experts for their delicious input.

Eliot Wexler
Owner of NOCA

“There is so much great juice out there that I try to find wines that tell a story or that speak specifically of the place from which they came. Smaller producers doing things soulfully really resonate for me.”


Tips for Wine Pairing and Purchasing

We asked two local wine pros, Brent Karlicek, wine merchant for Postino winecafé and Postino Central, and Steven Kelley, sommelier at Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort’s Different Pointe of View restaurant, for their tried-and-true tips on purchasing for parties and pairing wine with your favorite foods.

wine pairing tips

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