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AFM: Will you be trying to offer other cupcake flavors for those with dietary restrictions as well?

CN: Well, we will see how it goes and how popular it is. We figure that our main, core business is standard, more traditional cupcakes but we wanted to have at least one offering for people who couldn’t really indulge alongside their friends. People with Celiac or aren’t eating animal products or are diabetic and we wanted to do that. But if we are going to do that then we want it to be in our most popular flavor; not to say that we won’t come out with other flavors in vegan, gluten and sugar- free, but I don’t have a time frame on that right now.

AFM: What is the most popular cupcake?

CN: Red velvet is definitely our most popular cupcake; it doesn’t matter what store, it doesn’t matter where we are, it is always our number one seller.

AFM: What is your favorite cupcake?

CN: Dark chocolate. I like dark chocolate without the sprinkles because I feel that sometimes the sprinkles get in the way of the texture, that creamy frosting. Whenever I order dark chocolate it’s without sprinkles but you can get it either way.