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 nimbus beer

Nimbus Brewery, Tucson           

What began as a small, local brewery in the spring of 1996 has grown into the largest brewery based in Arizona with three 150-barrel fermenters that stand nearly 30 feet tall and holding nearly 5,000 gallons of beer each. The brewery opened up two locations statewide with bistros serving their craft beer and an extensive menu including burgers, brewpub food & wood-fired pizzas. Nimbus beer is renowned throughout the state for its collection of natural beers that derive from the local Tucson groundwater that resembles that of the water found on the Burton in the heart of England. It is that exceptional water that makes their flagship beer, Old Monkey Shine a favorite of true beer enthusiasts. This traditional English Strong Ale is a medium-bodied ale with a dark, roasted flavor derived from seven different malts and brown sugar. This dark beer starts with a touch of sweetness but finishes dry and crisp. Although this beer has an explosive flavor profile that could almost be considered a dessert beer, it packs quite a punch with an ABV content of 8.2%! I assume the name is derived by the deceptiveness of the beer and its effects on the casual beer drinker. www.nimbusbeer.com

Papago Brewing, Scottsdale      

This popular beer bar has been a mainstay of both the Tempe and Scottsdale crowds due to its proximity in south Scottsdale. The extensive tasting room not only serves its amazing beers but also houses 30 taps as well as nearly 500 different bottled beers from the region, country & the world. Opened in 2001, this brewery has made quite a splash on the craft brew world and is home to one of the few fruit beers that I absolutely cannot do without! The Orange Blossom Wheat Beer is definitely in my TOP 10 favorite beers of ALL TIME. This light American wheat ale has flavors of mandarin oranges and vanilla and once it hits your palate, you’ll be sure to harken back to your youth standing outside the ice cream truck with your bike on the ground savoring your first creamsicle. This experience is exponentially magnified because it is a beer – mmmmm ice cream beer. papagobrewing.com  

Oak Creek Brewing Company, Sedona          

I love Sedona and I love craft brew so when I found this place while looking for the Red Rock Tours office with my family many years ago, I fell in love and it has been a mainstay and “must visit” for anybody and everybody that visits Sedona and/or Oak Creek Canyon. Their brews have consistently won gold medals from both the North American Brewers’ Association and at the Great American Beer Festival. Their flagship beer and my personal favorite Nut Brown Ale sets the standard for what all nut brown ales should aspire to. The heartiness of the nut flavor comingled with a hint of spice that finishes with a gentle touch of bitter hops that makes this beer a true pioneer in its field that should be savored time and time again. www.oakcreekbrew.com