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50 Fave Arizona Restaurants

As far as we—and our taste buds—are concerned, Arizona’s cities certainly deserve to be among culinary capitals like New York City and San Francisco. From south-of-the-border fare and scrumptious steaks to some of the nation’s best ice cream and sushi spots, read on as we introduce you to 50 of our favorite Arizona eateries.


The Valley's Frozen Yogurt Spots

We can admit it: The Valley is caught up in frozen yogurt frenzy. Everywhere you look there is a new frozen yogurt shop popping up, and we definitely are not complaining. Gone are the days of boring chocolate or vanilla. Yogurt shops are shaking it up by offering exotic flavors like lychee tart and pomegranate-raspberry or flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth like birthday cake or cookies and cream. Especially with the weigh-pay-and-go method, you truly have the power of choice in deciding how many topping and much yogurt. Either self-serve or the old-fashioned way, it’s equally delicious and we guarantee that once you start yogurt-ing, you won’t want to stop.



Fairest of All—Phoenix’s Chestnut Lane is like a foodie fairytale come to life

Complete with bakery cases showcasing seven-layer cakes, bright pink lemonade and wicker baskets full of pretty parchment-wrapped sandwiches.


Best Iced Coffee Spots in Arizona

As Valley temperatures creep into the 100’s, these iced coffee drinks step outside the pot and provide delicious respite from summer heat.

Iced Coffee


Pet-Friendly Dining

Liven up your doggie’s day and take them with you to any of these Valley restaurants that invite your pup right in. Go ahead and take your precious pooch on a walk to one of these dog-friendly eateries in the Valley. Each of the restaurants has patio seating options which will make your doggie feel right at home. And when what they are serving up tastes this good, there will be no need for a doggie bag. Sorry, Fido.


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