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Lisa Des Camps, owner of Lisa Des Camps Jewelry, confronts the age-old question: hoop or stud?


Have you noticed that some women are hoop people and others are stud people? This preference probably starts as a matter of taste, but the fact that it isn’t revisited is more a matter of habit. I have a friend who put in a pair of 1.5-carat diamond studs and didn’t bother to take them out again for nearly five years. Think of all the lovely earrings she missed wearing during that time.

As you start laying out your back-to-school wardrobe (and face it—we all love back-to-school as a time for wardrobe updates, even if our back-toschool years are behind us), here are some earring thoughts for you.

If you choose hoops over studs, you probably want earrings that make a bit more of a statement. A hoop earring wears well, takes up a bit of space, has nice movement to it and doesn’t usually get tangled in your hair. You may also prefer the feeling of an ear wire versus a post. Ear wires are often, but not always, thinner than posts, and if your piercings are on the small side, you may feel the difference.

Now here’s a reason to change it up: studs today often boast larger, colored gemstones, multi-metals, fun shapes and big pops of color. A stud earring sneaks up on you. Often invisible from the side or the back, the perfect stud is absolute eye candy once you get face-to-face.

If you prefer studs over hoops, I’m going to bet that you’re too busy to worry about putting on earrings each day, your job requires a conservative wardrobe or you’re not in love with the shape or weight of your face or neck. But it’s time to let the old rules (and possible insecurities) go. Hoop earrings are fitting and fun. A simple gold hoop is conservative enough for the most white-shoe office, it feels good to have a bit of movement around your face (energizing even) and changing up your dressing routine is said to be good for your brain. So my advice to you is to not choose hoop or stud. Find a few of each that make you feel your best, and change it up daily.