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Phoenix is an emerging fashion city and is filled with fashionistas.

This series explores the personal closets of some of Arizona’s fashion industry professionals and everyday style-minded individuals.

Entrepreneur, Allison DeVane is not only a girl boss but she also has a style to envy. In this interview, Allison reveals her fashion inspiration and some key advice for developing a personal style and being your own boss.

AFM: You have what most people probably believe to be the dream job. What was the path to becoming an entrepreneur like?

AD: I would agree it is the dream job, however it is just for me. Not everyone is meant for this path specifically or entrepreneurship in general. The dream job is whatever inspires you to ask more from yourself and something that you are passionate about everyday. The path of entrepreneurship is scary. You have to be comfortable with taking risks and very good at keeping yourself in check by recording goals and making new ones to keep yourself motivated. Above all, you have to absolutely love what you're doing.

AFM: So many young women would love to be their own boss and have their own business, what is your advice for them as they try to break into the industry?

AD: I say do it! From what I've seen and what I've personally experienced, the only reason why you're held back from starting your own business is by not actually doing anything. It may seem overwhelming with the long to-do lists, but honestly that is the most difficult part and the rest just falls into place because you're doing what you love and what you know best. I say just do it and hustle hard. The more effort you put into it the bigger results you'll see.

AFM: You have some great advice about how style influences your personal brand and success; can you share that with me?

AD: Style definitely influences my personal brand, because what I do is physically demanding, practicality and comfort are important factors. Overall, how you carry yourself contributes in defining you and in this case, especially when I'm the only face of my company, it defines my brand as well. Usually I stick with the classics for a clean look, perhaps a unique accessory like trendy glasses to show some character, and dark colors (just in case some tea gets into the mix of things).

AFM: How would you describe your style?

AD: I would describe my go-to style as classic with a tomboy edge. I love natural leather, stripes, black & white, simple gold jewelry and wearing jeans (I’m not afraid to have jean on jean). I'm always drawn to classically made clothing with a unique twist such as a boyfriend t-shirt with an oversized pocket or a classic hair accessory made with non-classic material. It's comfortable and clean and matches my natural hair, which is long, carefree and wavy.  Then every once and awhile on my free time I like to dress up in mod, black or nude, clothing with simple/geometric gold jewelry accents. 

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AFM: Would you say that your style has always been the same or has it changed over the years and how so?

AD: Over time it has slightly been changing to be more and more simple. I now tend to stick to better quality staple accessories and only wear stud earrings. I definitely think that my work environment has slowly helped me to evolve my style.

AFM: Where are your favorite places to shop?

AD: I don't have a specific store I like to shop at but I like Madewell, Buffalo Exchange, JCrew and Urban Outfitters. Thrift Stores are also great to find those unique pieces!

AFM: What is your go to staple piece in your closet? 

AD: Black and white V-necks and jean or plaid jackets. 

AFM: What advice would you give to someone trying to find his or her own signature style? 

AD: I say wear what makes you feel beautiful yet comfortable. I like wearing clothes that fit my work lifestyle and makes a statement about who I am (but not too much to the point that it could be distracting).

Story by: Summer Roth

You can follow Summer Roth on Instagram @azstyleguide.

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