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There is a popular saying: “Clothes make the man.” We have no argument with this. What we do take exception to is that a lot of men focus solely on the clothes they wear on the outside. We’re all for the man who takes pride in his appearance and who has the self-respect to demand the best. In fact, we’ll go even further to say that we’re proud of such men. More men should feel they deserve the best—and that extends to what they wear underneath their clothes as well.


Undergarments Are a Priority

Underwear and socks should be as much a priority to men as properly fitting suits and jeans. Undergarments should fit comfortably and feel just as luxurious as outer clothes. And there’s no reason they can’t be just as stylish either. Who cares if you’re the only one that’s going to see them? Aren’t you enough?

When it comes to socks, though, people are more likely to see them than your underwear. When you’re relaxing at home and wearing your socks, most likely you won’t be wearing shoes over them. And, even if you’re at the office or an event and are covered up by your pants and shoes, at some point you’ll sit down and those around you will get a sneak peek of your socks. Wouldn’t you want your colleagues to see something stylish and sophisticated instead of sloppy?

Socks Are a Necessity

Socks keep us warm, protect our feet and give some added cushion to our walking experience. Because of this, many have created comfortable socks to protect the foot with extra cushioning or are very thick for added warmth.

Not everyone lives in cold climates, though, and even those who do aren’t outdoors all day. Formal socks are a necessity too, and these are often stylish and sleek. Socks made for formal occasions have been fairly limited over the years. Because of the limited materials available, socks of the past didn’t have a lot of stretch to them and would often slip down the leg and pool at the ankle.

Most men, especially those of the dapper variety, incorporated sock garters into their wardrobe. You could tell a man cared about his appearance by whether or not he invested in sock garters.

Some Bad Decisions

Socks are one of the most practical items in our wardrobe. But just because something is practical doesn’t mean it has to be boring. If that were the case, everyone would drive station wagons. There would be no use, no purpose for anyone to own or even create a Ferrari or Rolls Royce. What a boring world that would be!

The same is true of socks. Yes, there is a place for the practical sock. We need to keep warm and be comfortable. But just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t be fun or sophisticated too.

Unfortunately, some men haven’t received the memo. We’re sorry to report that there are many men who still go for the plain, over the calf white athletic sock. And some of them even wear such socks with their formal wear. We shudder to think of a suit, whether dark or light, paired with white athletic socks.

Other men have tried their best to wear better socks. Unfortunately, the brands they choose tend to be ill fitting or poorly made. The socks quickly lose their elasticity and end up pooling down at the ankle.

Follow the Path of the Designer

Designer footwear really is the way to go. Men’s socks can be practical or fun, loud or quiet, sporty or sophisticated. There are more options than ever before because more designers are seeing the need for high quality men’s designer socks.

Men’s designer socks options include

  • Mid-calf height        
  • Over the calf height
  • Boot socks

Materials of men’s designer socks are

  • Cotton, nylon, and stretch
  • Wool
  • Wool Cashmere
  • Baby Alpaca

If you want color and flare, you’ll love VK Nagrani men’s designer socks. They come in nearly every color imaginable: dark and light blues, greens, bright yellow, brown, red, and even pink. Plus, you can choose from polka dots, stripes, solids, and plaids, just to name a few of the fun designs available.

We hope we’ve made our point very clear: what you wear under your clothes is just as important as your clothes themselves. In fact, at times, your undergarments can make your day even more than your outer clothes. If you want to up your confidence level and feel like you really are worth it, check out men’s designer socks for some inspiration. A high quality purchase will be well worth the investment.