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No matter how durable your underwear is, even the best ones wear out with time. So if your drawers are starting to fray around the edges, sag, or the garters have already begun to curl and twist like bacon, you need to have to replace everything. Not sure what to look for? Here are a few tips to help you shop for new skivvies:

  • 1. Check Out Different Styles. If you’ve always gone for white cotton, why not explore other styles? According to Bloomberg, one of the best types of underwear out there are boxer briefs. If you haven’t owned a pair yet, you’ll be in for a treat. If you love the flexibility of boxers with the fit of briefs, you’ll definitely find this underwear type ideal. If you just want something you can use for those lazy, Sundays when you’re just lounging around the house and catching some screen, then classic long johns are a great go-to choice. They’re breathable, roomy and extremely comfortable. There are plenty of other styles you can pick out. VKNagrani underwear for men offers a lot of those styles with their so make sure you look around before you start picking your brand new pairs out.
  • 2. Buy Packs. One way to save is to look for your undies in packs. A lot of underwear shops, online and offline both, offer undies 3-in-1 deals. Buying in bulk will always save you money. In this case, it gives you the chance to get 3 good pairs of underwear at a fraction of the cost. Also, some packs include more than your standard gray, white and black. If you see some wild colors or patterns, in there, pick those out. That’s an easy way to add some color into your underwear collection.
  • 3. Dark Colors. When it comes to colors, though, remember that dark colored ones are better since they’re great at hiding stains and spots, according to Complex. So if you run into any trouble, you’ll be sufficiently covered.
  • 4. Athletic Wear. Hit the gym a lot? Or maybe you run? Then having underwear that provides you with the right support is essential. This is why boxer briefs are the current favorite in men’s underwear fashion: they’re snug and fit and provide you with the flexibility you need to move around. With a great pair of boxer briefs, you can swing from the office to the gym without any worries.
  • 5. Don’t Buy Used. Sure, some people suggest buying used shirts and pants and jackets as a way to help you save on costs. However, you are not to follow that suggestion for your undies. Underwear is an extremely intimate piece of clothing. You can’t buy it from just anywhere. Instead of the cost-savings, think of it this way: it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • 6. Choose Durability. Make sure you pick out durable materials. One way to ensure you’ve got a lot of pairs of underwear able to go the distance in terms of durability is to be careful about the material you choose. Polyester and nylon are durable, as are microfibers.
  • 7. Go for Enhancement Features. With so many modifications to men’s underwear these days, it’s incredibly easy to find a lot of choices when it comes to extras. Some underwear types, for instance, pack in anti-sagging features. Anti-moisture as well as anti-cling designs are available as well. So when you shop around, try to look for pairs that offer these features and give a few of them a shot. Who knows? You just might find a new undies favorite, in terms of material, cut or breathability.
  • 8. Know When It’s Enough. If you start to see signs that your underwear has stretched or if there are tough-to-remove stains in the fabric, you can take both of those as a sign that you need to buy another round of undies. However, when you do see these signs, do the right thing and go for replacements. Don’t try to work those pieces until they fall apart. You wouldn’t really want to have to deal with that while you’re at work or anywhere else outside your home.
  • 9. Look at Sizing Charts. Lastly, don’t forget to check out sizing charts. Different brands often have different sizing charts so don’t be afraid to find out what your size is in those charts. This way, you won’t have to end up with skivvies that provide you with too little support, along with those that don’t offer enough leg room or worse, underwear that chafes. Knowing what your size is will help make your shopping easier since you’d have a pretty good idea of what size to go for in the first place.
  • 10. Stock Up on Classics. Classics will always be a mainstay so when you go for styles, try to buy classic ones along with the edgy pieces you like. That way, you’ll always have a pair of skivvies that work with a lot of styles and seasons.

Shopping for your new undies can be fun. And with a plenty of helpful tips, a whole lot easier than you might think.