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Nestled in the most precious corner of 5th Street within Old Town Scottsdale amongst a multitude of boutiques businesses, and locally owned restaurants, lays the window front of 5 Two 3.

Named after the birthdate of best friends and duo owner team, Brittany and Karah, born on the same day May 23rd, the studio, showroom, and factory storefront holds treasured views. Draped fabrics, bright colors, sewing patterns, and walls filled with photo inspiration.

“It was always a dream of both of ours to own something and create something,” says Karah. “We’re both very inspired by life, and everything in it.”

The boutique-style, travel-chic clothing brand, is created for just that: life. Tailored to the everyday feminine, fun, and whimsical woman who celebrates life: something very important for both of the creators.

With nature-filled and retro-inspired designs, changing seasonally, all pieces made within the brand stay true to four rules: no buttons, no zippers, no seams, and always made locally here in Arizona.

“Arizona is a great place to start something. There’s so much support for local, and that is really special to us,” says Brittany.

What started as such a serendipitous meeting that flourished into the best-friend relationship is what started this life-long business partnership and luxury travel chic brand.

“We were such a great complement to each other that we really hit it off and that’s what helps us work so well together,” says Brittany.

The duo met while working part time at The Madison Improvement Club Scottsdale. Brittany, a full-time ASU student met the eccentric yoga instructor and Denver native Karah, who had recently relocated to Phoenix. The two style-filled women who were asked to help make a headband for a yoga class then fell into a spark of inspiration to create their own comfortable clothes and accessories.

After the circumstantial trials and errors of starting their own business, learning to become seamstresses, and becoming their own web directors, what started as a two girl idea fueled by friendship and passion has broadcasted into a venture that it sometimes hard for them to imagine.

“You just have to put yourself out there before you figure out who you are anyways,” Karah.

Brittany and Karah teamed up with social entrepreneur Mary Swanson. Their team also includes, Jen who creates the patters and designs, and FIDM graduate marketing director Maddie.

The duo and shop team continue to work on establishing and building their brand with keeping the core values and quirky spirit of the brand. For more information on 5 Two 3 or Brittany and Karah, click here.