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Every woman deserves to be noticed when she enters the room. That is exactly what shoe designer Mary-Alice Malone wants her brand Malone Souliers to do: make luxury footwear for the self-aware and unapologetic woman.

“How amazing to see a woman come alive when she steps into a pair,”Malone says. “Her body language emerges, and rather eloquently, hips sway in confident energy, and her inherent power, reassuringly sexy.”

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Malone knows what a woman wants when it comes to shoes. Malone Souliers, which is the French word for “shoes,” makes quality, comfortable footwear that brings out the best in each and every woman. Each pair is devoted to cut, lines, balance, color and shape for an overall stunning shoe. You can find everything from kid suede, lizard and snake to patent accents in a pair of expertly-detailed Malone Souliers shoes. 

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“With Malone Souliers, design is an ethereal process, wholly based on ‘making,’individually technical, and stubbornly specific,”Malone says. “We continue to hope that tells.”

Despite its French name, Malone Souliers is a London-based brand that takes inspiration from the city’s creative energy. Malone studied at the London College of Fashion, where she honed in on her talent and decided to start her brand.

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Drawing from the resigned sexiness of women in the 50’s and their powerful confidence in the 70s’, Malone Souliers also produces shoes that make a woman comfortable in her own skin and demand the spotlight.

“Both periods were about craft,”Malone says. “It was important to return to craft, and Malone Souliers is stuck - and sticks - there.”

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You can see the new luxury shoe brand’s Fall collection and meet the designer at Saks Fifth Avenue Phoenix this Oct. 16-19. In honor of its 15th annual campaign to fight women’s cancers, Saks Fifth is hosting this year’s Key To The Cure, benefiting cancer research at the Translational Genomics Research Institute. Come and support a great cause while admiring the one thing that represents a woman’s confidence and strength: a really quality shoe. Get a peek at the Malone Souliers collection at http://malonesouliers.com.