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October is here, which of course means, pumpkin everything! 

We have all seen how pumpkin has influenced and transformed our taste buds from Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, to pumpkin cupcakes at Sprinkles and even fun family outings such as attending pumpkin patches around the Valley. But, there are some—low-calorie— pumpkin-infused products that can transport pumpkin from the kitchen all the way to your makeup cabinet. Pumpkin has amazing and wonderful properties due to it comprising vitamin A and vitamin C which is known to prevent signs of aging, improve acne and help in the overall repair process of your skin. 

Pumpkin has a way of warming our hearts in the fall season, but here is a roundup of some of the pumpkin beauty products that have spectacular benefits for your skin to brighten and repair from the harsh summer months behind us.