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Hello texture!

Ditch your heavy cut for feathery layers. Embrace your natural curls. Lop off some short bangs “like mom did to you in third grade.” Ong says celebrating what is unique and natural to you is the best trend you can follow with your hair this season.


Bye-bye, braids

Ong says he sees hair knots replacing braids as an alternative daily ‘do. Try top knots or half-up back knots to experiment with this new trend.

Photo from harpersbazaar.com.


Undercover color

Rather than dye your whole head a fun, crazy color, Ong says having “hidden” color pieces behind your natural hair are becoming a great way for professionals to incorporate color. “This trend makes color more wearable,” Ong says.


Chop chop

Experiment with your stronger side with a short cut. Frame your face with something clean and high-fashion. “Big, high fashion is short hair,” Ong says. “We’re seeing a return to geometric, strong shapes.”

Photo from vogue.com.


No matter what you do, Ong says the most important trend to follow is the one that looks right for you. “The biggest theme I see is the right of the individual,” he says. “The point is to look the best you can look by taking pieces and adapting it to you.”