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Now that Arizona’s winter has come out to play, it’s time to nix the summer braids and air-dryed hair for amped-up hairstyles. Our long list of holiday soirees gives us the opportunity to try out multiple festive hairdos, but cooler temps and frequent styling for parties can leave hair dull and damaged. Celebrity hairstylist Tabatha Coffey gave AFM her favorite winter-hair care protocols and trends to keep locks in tip-top shape this season.  

Top Trends

Coffey recommends extensions for a day or night look and a modern-day chignon for a nighttime ‘do. In the winter, women want longer hair they couldn’t have during the sweaty, summer months, and Coffey’s LUXHAIR HOW Circle Extensions are the perfect quick fix. The invisible headband is easy to use: no clip in or adhesives needed. For a night party, a chignon adds a touch of effortless glam to any outfit. Add clip in bangs for an updated style without a long-term commitment. If you’re feeling fierce, keep bangs short to accentuate your eyes.

After a night out, the party may be over, but you still need to maintain tresses to keep them looking healthy for the next event. Here are Coffey’s winter hair tips: 

Winter Hair Care Tips

1. Buy heat-protectant: Invest in a quality heat-protectant because hair is more prone to damage during the cold season. It’s beneficial to use everyday during the winter, Coffey says.    

2. Visit a blow-dry bar: It just takes a 30-minute blow out to take dreads from flat to fabulous. Not only will you be able to take a needed break from holiday shopping, but the latest hair craze also has a powerful purpose.      

3. Dryer sheets are girl’s best friend: Save a few sheets to tame winter hair static. Lightly run the sheet over the hair to say goodbye to unruly, flyaway hairs.    

4. Put down the hairspray: It may be the first thing we reach for to keep an updo in place before a night of dancing and socializing, but no one wants to have a helmet head. Instead, find a lightweight working spray that will have the same power as your favorite hairspray, but it won’t leave hair stiff and untouchable.