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Skin is our body’s first layer of defense, providing a barrier to protect our bodies from bacteria and the environment. Sun damage to our skin not only makes it feel dry and look more wrinkled but can also lead to other problems down the line, which is why we should look after it like we do the rest of our body.

This article covers some of the best ways to keep your skin looking younger, from getting enough hydration and taking natural supplements to eat a balanced diet.

Stay in the Shade

We all know the damage caused by the sun and sunbeds,yet we still love to enjoy the Arizona desert sun. We might enjoy a sun-kissed glow, but the reality is that UV rays from the sun seriously damage your skin and are also one of the main causes of skin cancer.

If you must sit in the sunshine, then make sure that you use a high factor sunblock, or sit in the shade when you can. Perhaps wear light protective clothing and also a wide-brimmed hat.

Get Enough Sleep

We all know how much sleep we should be getting, but in reality, we probably don’t get enough of it each night. This can be reflected in the condition of our skin. When we sleep, our skin’s blood flow increases. While we are snoozing, our skin repairs the damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light by producing more collagen, which is essential for reducing wrinkles and age spots and adding youthful elasticity to our skin.

Try Supplements

Another great tip is to use natural supplements to support the skin. There is a wide range of natural supplement products on the market that are specifically designed and manufactured to help your skin stay youthful and healthy.

Evening Primrose Oil and Collagen, of course, have been around for a while now, but there are new products such as Starflower Oil and Ashwagandha, all of which can be found at Orphic Nutrition, which is an expert supplier when it comes to natural supplements.

Boost your H2O Intake


Everything dies without water, and the same can be said for our skin. If you are starting to notice that your skin is dry and flaky and fine lines are beginning to appear, then there is a strong possibility that your skin is dehydrated. To combat this, you need to make sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Six to eight glasses are the recommended amount of water

You could also try hydrating your skin from the outside with a gentle moisturizer that can relieve the feeling of tightness that your skin may have and help with your skin’s overall condition and look.

Eat a Balanced Diet

What we put into our bodies generally has an effect on everything, including the skin. Our diet is crucial when it comes to keeping our skin looking and feeling youthful and healthy. There is limited research when it comes to specific foodstuffs that are actually good for our skin, so rather than just eating “skin-friendly” food, it would be better to look at our diet as a whole. 

We have all seen lots of different diet fads, like intermittent fasting, but we think diets that have a good amount of Omega’s 3 and 6, Vitamins C, D, and E are all great if you want your skin to stay looking healthy. Fish, fruit and vegetables, and also proteins are important ingredients that you should have in your diet.

We would suggest that you try to stay away from processed foods, saturated fats, and too much caffeine and alcohol; all of these will have an adverse effect on your weight and your skin.

In Summary

The majority of us love relaxing by the pool or enjoying our local sunshine as much as possible; it makes us feel and look healthy in the short term. But the long-term effects of sun-worshipping certainly show in our skin as we get older.

We hope that this article has given you a few ideas on achieving a healthy and glowing complexion and keeping your skin looking younger. All it takes is a few small lifestyle and dietary changes to keep you and your skin looking healthier and more youthful for years to come.