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Who is a good candidate for lash extensions?

Lash extensions are great for anyone that wants to effortlessly face the world with confidence every day! Extensions offer convenience in cutting down the time spent on morning routines for eye beauty. Many women throw away their mascara and eyeliner, and find that they wear less makeup overall because they feel so confident with the extensions.

What criteria should a lash extension company possess?

The most important criteria anyone should look for in a lash extension salon is that they always place the health of the natural lashes higher than the desired look of the client. Unfortunately, many salons will not do this. Thick, mega-volume lashes are all the rage right now, but placing that look on a client that has sparse or short lashes will likely damage their natural lashes, sometimes permanently. The initial consultation should cover the look that the client is after, with an assessment of natural lash health, and determine if the look is possible without damaging the natural lashes. If not, expectations should be set on what is possible without compromising lashes.

How does one know what lash look works best for them?

At The Lash Lounge, we go through a four-step customized face mapping process during our initial consultation with clients. This includes looking at the various eye and face characteristics, assessing the health, density, length of the natural lashes to define extension length/thickness, along with understanding the vision the client has for their lash look. Once we complete this four-step process, the result is a customized design code that is associated with each client.  

How often should lashes be filled?

After the initial set, we recommend coming back for the first fill in two weeks. Most clients can go two to three weeks between fills. However, there are various lifestyle factors that could shorten or lengthen this time. You and your stylist will define the best fill schedule for your lashes.

How does one elongate the life of their lashes?

Lashes are a significant investment. It’s critical to properly care for the lashes. Here are our key recommendations:

  • The average eyelid sheds 20 percent of its lashes every two weeks. In order to keep your lashes looking their best, we recommend visiting your stylist every two to three weeks for refills.
  • Refrain from picking or pulling at your lashes, or excessively rubbing your eyes. The less you mess with the lashes, the longer they will last!
  • Oil can break down the adhesive bond, causing retention issues. Refrain from using any oil-based cosmetics or skin care near your eyes (this includes ingesting coconut or fish oils).  
  • Brush through your lashes every day, gently cleanse your lashes daily by splashing lukewarm water and gently massaging oil-free makeup remover around lids. Splash water again to rinse.  

What is a major DO for lash extensions? What about a major DON’T?

The best thing you can do for your lashes is to brush and clean them each day to maintain the overall health and keep them looking their best. Don’t use oil-based products around the lashes, this will break down the adhesive and result in lash loss.