Home Art Performance Ballet Arizona Kicks Off Season with Daring New Moves


Photo courtesy of Ballet Arizona.

As Ballet Arizona prepares for a busy upcoming season, the company both surprised and delighted longtime lovers of ballet with their season opener, New Moves—which proved to offer a refreshing take on an otherwise traditional sport.

New Moves pushed the limitations on ballet and challenged even the most acclaimed choreographers with innovative and daring dances. The routines were inspired by the vibrant sounds of Rio and were paired with the exotic and effervescent colors associated with Brazilian culture.

Tony Award winner, Justin Peck, who has served as the resident choreographer at the New York City Ballet since 2014, added his own personal essence to the performance in Phoenix.

One of Peck’s most-performed works, “In Creases,” was featured in the show.

With routines set to music by Phillip Glass, attendees of the limited-time performance also enjoyed choreography from Ib Andersen and Nayon Iovino.

For information on more of Ballet Arizona’s performances this season, starting with Sleeping Beauty Oct. 25 to Oct. 28, click here.