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Gallery Andrea presents an Abstract show this summer, highlighting two dynamic female artists Laura Thurbon and Erin Cooke.


Thurbon is originally from Peru, studying at the renowned National Fine Arts School of Lima focusing on painting and art education. She is passionate about painting successfully working as an artist, muralist and arts educator. Her artwork ranges in style and centers on bold colors, strong lines and organic shapes. When asked about her work Thurbon stated, "Painting is like living, it reflects my an inner, meditative quest for enlightenment, birth, love, joy, and compassion.” She currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where she runs her successful art business. 


Erin Cooke has always had a deep interest in art, science, and the intersection between the two leading her to study both medicine and art. She graduated in 2001 from Wake Forest University as valedictorian with Honors in Studio Art and in 2005 from Baylor with a degree in medicine. Cooke’s work is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s for its physicality and its scale, but her pattern work is all her own, creating intricate layers, with the kind of minute detail one sees in hyper-realistic pieces. She paints primarily with acrylics focusing on Cubism, movement, textural studies and color abstraction. Cooke currently resides in Seatlle we she practices Radiology and art. 


Gallery Andrea’s signature style is floral artworks by owners Andrea de Kerpely-Zak and Andrea Zakrzewski. Andrea de Kerpely-Zak is known for her colorful and delicate impressionist flowers that symbolize freedom and healing, which she has been creating for over 35 years. Daughter and gallery partner, Andrea Zakrzewski paints akin to her mother utilizing a palette knife to create work that is inspired by nature reflecting a loose impressionistic style.


Gallery Andrea has been a staple of the Scottsdale art scene in Old Town Scottsdale’s Gallery District since 2004. It is owned and operated by international artist Andrea de Kerpel and her daughter Andrea Zakrzewski. Gallery Andrea showcases diverse variety of artwork and styles, in addition to a small rooster of artists that are local, national and international. The gallery is located at 7019 E. Main Street, Scottsdale and they are open six days a week from 11am until 5pm, closed only on Sunday. For more information about this exhibition or Gallery Andrea visit artandrea.com. * All images are courtesy and copyright of Gallery Andrea.