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Meet Flagstaff based artist, Charmagne Coe who creates alluring mixed media paintings that feature a dazzling combination of watercolor, ink, and pastel.


She possesses a whimsical and delicate style with the ability to transport her viewers to another world with her brilliant use of color, free flowing lines, and the simplicity of her forms. Coe creates figures that seem to float and dance across the canvas while being surrounded by an ethereal setting with chaotic and mysterious undertones. 


The artist would classify her work as 'expressive surrealism' centering on elements of science, mythology, and spirituality and she practices “Automatism” which was first used by Surrealists as an organic and impromptu way to create artwork allowing the subconscious to come through in the work. The inspiration for her current paintings stem from “relational aspects of life at large and also her interest in connectedness with each work being a complex tapestry of several culled ideas that spontaneously occur in process and then become a story.”


This can be seen in her painting “Let Them Fall and Rise as Garnets", depicting a man and woman locked in kiss and embrace surrounded by an ocean which Coe skillfully depicts with interconnected lines contrasted by colors and shapes resulting in a chaotic intangible environment.


Her work has been included in numerous publications including most recently in Utne Reader, Luxe Interiors + Design and Creative Quarterly. She has also created stunning album covers for artists Matt Bingham and Pausal. Coe has exhibited her artwork extensively both nationally and internationally. Currently you can see Coe’s artwork on view now at the Arizona Opera, who is featuring two of her paintings. She also recently released a small limited edition collection of giclée prints of her recent paintings available for purchase now. For more about Charmagne Coe and her beautiful artwork visit http://charmagnecoe.com/. *Images courtesy of the artist Charmagne Coe.