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Christine Cassano


Meet Christine Cassano, an impressive local contemporary artist who is dedicated to making visual art that will make you think twice about biology, nature and technology.

Cassano has created captivating mixed media sculptures and installations examining ideas of morphogenesis, materials, and relationships that occur. Implementing a diverse selection of materials within her work including clay, wood, stones, plastics, concrete, circuitry, metals, and found objects seeking to reunite nature and technology. The inspiration for her artwork comes from “Exploring contrasting relationships, learning how oppositions can coexist, ideas from learning how they don’t fit together and all the possibilities in between”, says Cassano.

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Cassano says “my work explores these internal, interdependent systems and their confluent relationship to external technologies and industrial environments, a pull-apart visualization of the rules and relationships that govern our internal worlds, our external environments, and their intersection.“ Her artwork is beautifully intricate with a simple and modern presentation that highlights the complexity of her subjects. In her latest work “Confluence”, a striking collection of units is meticulously spread across the wall in an intricate assemblage, featuring intricate detail and modern aesthetic. This work continues Cassano’s exploration of relationships between interdependent biological systems and external industrial environments as well as the complexity of the pieces, reconciling the biological and technical. ChristineCassano-Confluence-1024x704 f improf 936x643

Cassano’s work has been featured in numerous magazines and books and recently she was included in the Phoenix New Times “100 creative forces in Phoenix” in 2012. Currently you can see Cassano’s artwork at several venues around the valley, including the juried group exhibition “MATERIALIZE: 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Juried Exhibition” at the Shemer Art Center on view through November 27th.  Her work has also been included in the 2014 Biennial at the Tempe Center for the Arts on view through January 31, 2015. This November Cassano will also be participating in a group exhibition at the Rancho Linda Vista Gallery in Oracle, AZ.

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Discover Cassano’s captivating artwork that she simply says is “a pull-apart visualization of the rules and relationships that govern our internal worlds, our external environments, and their intersection”. It’s a beautiful time of the year to get out and discover art, so why not start by checking out the incredible artwork of Christine Cassano! Cassano’s artwork is always evolving, she began with painting and now creates fascinating mixed media sculptures, installations, and assemblages, but where will she take her art next? For more information about the talented Christine Cassano visit her website and follow her on twitter.

Images courtesy of the artist Christine Cassano