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The Robson SaddleBrooke Active Adult Community is not only a great place to stay active, meet new friends, and gather with old friends, but also an opportunity to serve the Tucson community. The SaddleBrooke Cyclemasters, the official bicycling club of the community, is just one of SaddleBrooke’s clubs that is giving back.

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With more than 200 members, Cyclemasters is one of the largest cycling clubs in Arizona. The Cyclemasters’ main priority is staying active. The club offers four main bike rides each week, and many smaller group rides daily. “We have at least two members that ride more than 10,000 miles a year, and some members that just ride for about an hour a day. We have the complete spectrum of bicyclists,” said Bob Lamb, member and former president of Cyclemasters.

Each year, the club donates new bicycles to deserving children in underprivileged communities. In April the club donated 12 bicycles and 12 helmets so students in the Mammoth and San Manuel Unified School District, just in time for summer.

The teachers choose deserving students each year to receive the bikes at an awards ceremony. “The teachers know better than anyone else, and the idea was that the kids who were selected were to be the hardest working and most improved students, not necessarily the highest grades,” Lamb said.

The charity encourages students to stay active, be safe, and work hard in school.

According to Lamb, the best part of being involved with the Cyclemasters club is “having a lot of people to ride the bikes with, and of course, it’s very satisfying to attend these award ceremonies and see the appreciation on the kids’ faces.”

Photo Credit: Jack Giovenco