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The relaxing and luxurious Miraval Resort & Spa has released a new book with Hay House USA, Mindful Living. The book, published on May 23, is a month-by-month guide on how to live life the “Miraval way.”


Miraval is known for promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The entire resort is dedicated to restoring guests to a healthy state while showing them relaxation and splendor. The book includes directions on living a balanced life told by Miraval’s chefs, spa therapists, and wellness counselors. The book is said to take readers on an individual journey, leading him or her to realize their mental, spiritual, and physical goals.

The book explains the “Miraval way” through exercises, meditations, home spa treatments, and recipes. The chapters of Mindful Living share the same mindful focus that the programs at Miraval do.

The book was written to go along with a calendar year, with a chapter for each month. A different Miraval specialist guides each month, or chapter. From discussing the heart with Anne Parker in February to wellness in April with Dr. Jim Nicolai to gratitude in November with Pam Lancaster, the step-by-step guide to healthy and happy living has it all.

The Miraval team wishes to use Mindful Living to help change and improve the lives of others beyond the Miraval experience. Guests can be healthier and happier without stepping foot into the resort. Order your copy of Mindful Living today and watch the transformation to a well-balanced, wholesome life.