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Americans are obsessed with cars — and each year, the demand for vehicles grows. With that demand also comes a steady rise in the number of auto manufacturer recalls. While most recalls are minor, they exist to ensure consumer safety by alerting drivers of defective parts or systems that are likely to cause injury. Annually, more than 100 million vehicles are recalled in the U.S. Of those, nearly a million are here in Arizona. Unfortunately, many of these vehicles remain on the road. The solution? Take the car to your nearest dealer and most will be able to correct the recall at no charge to you. Some the more newsworthy recalls of the past include GM’s ignition switches suddenly moving while the keys are in the ignition (causing potential loss of driver control). Another high-profile case involved, not the vehicle, but the Firestone tires on cars and trucks shredding at high speeds and causing injuries and deaths in multiple states. And who can forget the car doors opening randomly on certain Ford vehicles. 

Auto safety should be everyone’s priority. Why are recalls important? Simply put, they exist to keep you safe. But you first have to know your car is the subject of a recall before taking action. This unorganized process isn’t always made easy by the manufacturer. In many cases, drivers aren't even aware that a recall exists on a vehicle until it’s too late. This is dangerous not only for car owners, but for anyone else on the road.


How to solve the recall problem

The best feeling is knowing that your vehicle is safe with no defects. If you are uncertain about what steps to take, we’ve got you covered. You can get all the information about the status of a recall on your vehicle in four easy steps.

Step 1. Visit www.motorsafety.org

Step 2. Enter your car's VIN 

Step 3. Click "Check recall status"

Step 4. If your car has an active recall, you will be directed to a certified dealer to fix the problem

You can also contact your local dealership to set up a service appointment. Or visit http://www.recallmasters.com or call 888.594.5520 to learn more. Safety on the road for you and your loved ones is important. Whether you’re taking a trip to the supermarket or across the county, Americans will always be obsessed with their cars. Investigating and fixing recalls is the best way to stay safe behind the wheel. Happy motoring!