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Lady La packs AZFoothills with her to Europe, as she travels on tour with Nina Sky through Germany and Switzerland.


Ever wonder what it’s like to be a star overseas? Travel to distant lands, eat exciting new things and be immersed in another language? I got a glimpse of that this weekend with two of the most talented people I know. Natalie the singer and songwriter, Nicole, the producer and outstanding DJ, both with lethal style and grace, combined as Nina Sky. They invited me along for a whirlwind trip last weekend. I’ve gained a whole new respect for artists and their overseas hustle, for sure!


I met Nina Sky in New York City, departed to Frankfurt, Germany. At touchdown, we met Lucas and Fabian who would guide us around for our quick stay. A three-hour ride in a Mercedez bus got us to Kassel, Germany where we played for the day, and ended up at Caramel Club at night. 

From there, another three-hour ride, avoiding the crowds of Oktoberfest, we traveled to Frankfurt. Enjoyed lunch outside at a cobblestone Italian restaurant, and shopped second hand stores.


Back in the car for another three-hour ride to Switzerland. Basel was our destination. I enjoyed a quick Doner Kebap and then head to the VIP section of Kulture Klub. 


Another packed night. Ending the night at 4:30 a.m, and back in the car for another three-hour ride to Stuttgart, for a flight back to the states. I had enough time to take pics, eat food, and come back with a new pair of shoes. Tired doesn’t explain it, adventure wouldn’t do it justice.  Many thanks to my girls, Nina Sky, for giving me a small glimpse into the life on the road of true artists. 


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